Viet.nam regulation on labeling of imported goods

Compliance of labeling is regulated under the Decree No. 89/2006/NĐ-CP dated August 30th 2006
by Vietnam government. The regulation stipulate:

1/ Mandatory information:

The labels on packaging must be clearly printed with following information in Vietnamese language:
+ Name of goods
+ Name and address of traders responsible for the goods
+ Origin of the goods
2/ Exemption:
-   Goods as live, fresh foodstuff, processed foodstuff; fuel; raw materials (agricultural products,
sea products, minerals); construction materials (bricks, tile, lime, sand, stone, gravel, cement,
rich soil, mortar, and commodity concrete mixture); and waste materials (in business, production)
without packaging and being sold directly under agreements with consumers
-   Export goods labelling is subject to requirements of importers
-   Goods used for national security, military purpose, emergency purposes...

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