Food and items under animal quarantine in Viet.nam

Don't know what is allowed or import requirement for food and item in Vietnam ?
Animal quarantine is required for below list of item
1. Meat, viscera, by-products and  those processed from animal meat,  viscera and by-products within the regulated list in forms of fresh meat,  smoked, dried, spiced, frozen and canned. 10. Animal skin, feather, cotton stuffed animal of species: tiger, leopard, mongoose, rabbit, lutrinae,
and from other animals
2. Chinese sausages, paste, sausages, ham, lard and other animal semi or final products 11. Hairs, horse tail’s hair, cow tail’s hair, pig’s hair, sheep’s hair and other animal hair
3. Cow milk, yoghurt, butter, cheese, condensed milk, caked milk and dairy products 12. Feather, chicken’s feather, duck
feather, goose’s feather, pheasant’s
feather and other species’ feather
4. Table eggs, salted eggs, egg powder and other egg originated products 13. Tooth, horns, hoof, ivory, animal
5. Poultry breeding eggs, silk- worm
eggs, animal embryo, semen
14. Bird nest
6. Meat and bone meal, blood meal,
feather powder and others
15. Honey, apis jell, apis wax
7. Fish meal, fish oil, shrimp powder, shell powder and aqua by-products used as animal feeds ingredients 16. Cookroon silk worm visco, by-products of silk worm
8. Animal originated medicine ingredients: snake venom, bees venom, bear bile, tê tê, animal , eminent, digestive yeast and other animal originated medicine ingredients 17.Disease samples
9. Fresh, dried and salted animal skin 18. Other quarantine items requested
by importing countries or by
international treaties Vietnam joined