Export used machinery to Vietnam, Do's and Dont's

From July 01st 2016, used machine and equipment export to Vietnam must be under strictly control
(under HS grouping 84 and  85)

It is prohibited to import any used equipment that has been discarded or banned by other countries
because of obsolescence, low quality, or environmental pollution as published by the Ministry of
Science and Technology

1/ Commodity in transit
2/ Temporarily imported for re-export; temporarily exported for re-import
3/ Imported for the purpose of maintenance / repair with foreign parties
4/ Transfer among an EPZ (Export Processing Zone)
5/ Machine that can not be produced by local manufacturer (subject to import permit)
6/ Special purporse machine such as military or emmergency situation
7/ Machinery and equipment under specific compliance by other governmental authority  (such as
Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of defence, Ministry of Health, …)
8/ Printing machinery and equipment of HS grouping 84.40 to 84.43 (under Ministry of Information
and Communication)
9/ Special permit by the Government or the Prime Minister

1/ Below 10 years from the date of manufacturing
2/ In conformity with Vietnam National Technical Regulation (QCVN) or Vietnam’s Standard (TCVN)
or Standards of G7 countries with regard to safety, energy saving, and environmental protection
3/ Used parts and components may only be imported when the manufacturing enterprise needs to
replace or repair the equipment