Below is quaratine requirement for fresh apple export to Vietnam

I/ Production, primilinary treatment, packing and storage by approved producers that have been registered
with the Quarantine Authority of exporting counry

II/ All consigment must be treated by one of the following:

 - O°C or below in 10 days

- O.55°C or below in 11 days

- 1.10 °C or below in 12 days

 Temperature and duration must be clearly shown on Phytosanitary certificate

III/ Every consignment must be inspected by Export Quarantine Authority and certified that there is no
harmful organism:

1. Drosophila suzukii  
2. Cydia pomonella  
3. Neonectria galligena
4. Choristoneura hebenstreitella 
5. Ceroplastes japonicus
6. Diaspidiotus perniciosus 
7. Diaspidiotus ostreaeformis
8.  Lepidosaphes ulmi  
9. Leucoptera malifoliella
10. A rgyrotaenia pulchellana  
11. Grapholita funebrana
12. Grapholita lobarzewskii 
13. Pseudococcus calceolariae
14. Monilinia laxa 
15. Pammene rhediella
16. Pezicula alba 
17. Pezicula malicorticis 
18. Phytophthora syringae
19. Pseudomonas syringae pv. syringae
20. Pseudomonas viridiflava

21. Prunus necrotic ringspot virus

IV/ In the additional declaration of Phytosanitary certificate, the following must be shown in English
"The consignment was inspected in the export country and found free from quarantine   pests   
specified   at  Annex 
1 of  Phytosanitary    import requirements for the importation of fresh apple
(Malus domestica Borkh
) from the export country into Vietnam"