No more wrinkle _ How do they do it ?
Do you know how garment is transported without creating wrinkles ? Hanging container is a simple and economical measure to transport garment without making wrinkles. Garment is directly moved from factory to outlet without unpacking, washing, and ironing
Viet.nam special consumption tax (2016) affect alcohol import
Vietnam new Law on consumption tax (effective 2016) has increased tax level of alcoholic beverages 5% every year, from 2016 to 2018, as outlined below:
Food and items under animal quarantine in Viet.nam
Don't know what is allowed or import requirement for food and item in Vietnam ? Animal quarantine is required for below list of item
Viet.nam to apply compulsory energy labeling
From 07/01/2013, power consumption devices or equipment are required to perform energy labeling before selling into the market
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