Vietnam to cut down 50% duties for Laos commodity from Sept 2016 till Oct 2020
Vietnam Prime Minister has released approval to reduce 50% duties for Laos commodity from Sept 2016 to Oct 2020. Following commodity is under 50% favorable tariff in comparison with A.T.I.G.A (ASEAN TRADE IN GOODS AGREEMENT)
Vietnam to prohibit import of used electronic equipment & appliances
According to the regulation effective from Dec 15th 2015, following group of commodity is prohibited to import in to Vietnam: + Used electronic device (tablet, mobile phone, speaker, camera, etc) + Used home appliances (refrigerator, air conditioner, fan, etc) + Used computer and parts + Used medical device and equipment
No more wrinkle _ How do they do it ?
Do you know how garment is transported without creating wrinkles ? Hanging container is a simple and economical measure to transport garment without making wrinkles. Garment is directly moved from factory to outlet without unpacking, washing, and ironing
Vietnam special consumption tax (2016) affect alcohol import
Vietnam new Law on consumption tax (effective 2016) has increased tax level of alcoholic beverages 5% every year, from 2016 to 2018, as outlined below:
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