Logistics Consultancy


In several years handling import and export, we have witnessed and handled a number of rejecting shipments.
The reasons are quite different but loss happened to all related parties as a result.

Following is some reason:
+ Buyer goes bankrupt
+ Low quality of commodity
+ Wrong cargo / P.O
+ Late delivery …

Under Vietnam customs regulation, following procedure should be done for returning cargo:

1/ Importer / consignee submission:
+ Letter of rejection of shipment to customs / forwarder / carrier
+ Letter of attorney for authorization the 3rd party (if any)
+ Bill of Lading
+ Invoice
+ Packing list
+ P.O
+ Agreement between import & exporter for returning the shipment

2/ Forwarder / carrier submission:
+ Letter to customs explaining about reason of returning shipment
+ M B/L & H B/L ((MAWB & HAWB)
+ Agreement between forwarder / carrier with their agent at the loading port / airport
Upon receiving full documentation from related parties, customs office will check actual situation
against submitted document. If there is no conflict or suspicion, cargo is released for re-export
under new booking. Customs may proceed physical examination if needed

Special remarks:
+ In case of rejection, try to return within 30 days after arrival to avoid customs fine
+ Importer should not proceed clearance to avoid applicable duties (it can take several months
for reimburse or claim back the amount)
Some times,  returning shipment may not be allowed if importer / consignee is in the black list such
s overdue of duties, bad record or in a high risk profile...