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Three tips for proper submission of e-manifest in Vietnam

Vietnam has applied the National Single Window (https://vnsw.gov.vn/) that is compulsory for all related parties in import & export activities.
Following the regulation, all stakeholders (importers, exporters, freight forwarders, carriers and government agencies) should use the window
for submission, approval, controlling and checking activities

In handling of sea freight import, carriers and freight forwarders have to upload a manifest template in to the system for each H B/L. For the shake of
the clients, please remember to check the following:

1/ Have you checked the discrepancy between House B/L & Master B/L ?
+ Name of commodity
+ Container number / type & number of packages
+ Gross weight and volume
+ On board date and issuing date
+ Port of discharge and place of delivery
If there is any discrepancies, please make sure to amend at least 03 working days before ETA of the vessel

2/ Is there any discrepancy among H B/L and shipping docs (invoice, packing list, C/O…) ?
Consignee/importer can only clear customs formalities after manifest has been properly uploaded by carrier / forwarder in the system.
It will be troublesome and costly if the information are mismatched. Then, please make sure:
+ Information of exporter / importer match with that of shipper/consignee on House B/L
+ Commodity details match with those on H B/L
+ Quantity, number of packages, G,W… of commodity match with those on House B/L

3/ Do you combine different import basis in a single H B/L?
According to Vietnam customs regulation, there are different basis of import (depend on the ultimate purpose such as permanent, temporary, commercial,
non-commercial, free duties…) but it’s not allowed to combine shipments with different import basis in a single H B/L. You should separate a single H B/L
for each shipment

e.g.: a shipment of same shipper & consignee in a project that includes
- Part 1: Machine on commercial basis => permanent import
- Part 2: Set of installation tool on temporary basis => will be re-exported after 3 months
=> You should prepare 2 H B/Ls toghether with 2 sets of shipping docs for each part
If you got every answer, conglaturation and please proceed the shipment