Logistics Consultancy


Before exporting Fishery Product to Vietnam, please remember to check the following:

1/ Have you product been processed by an approved producer?

There are 35 countries have registered with Vietnam authority (http://nafiqad.gov.vn/) to
export fishery product to Vietnam. By the agreements, only product from approved Food
Business Operators (F.B.O) in these countries are allowed to export to Vietnam

2/ Have you filed the correct name of product?

Each Food Business Operator (F.B.O) needs to submit correct name of product to NAFIQUAD.
Approval from NAFIQUAD is compulsory for further development

For example:

+ Cold smoked salmon including belly flaps

+ Salmon heads raw frozen

+ Frozen sea water prawn ...

3/ Do you have Health Certificate issued by Competent Authorities of the exporting country?

Import shipment is subject to quarantine inspection at the first entrance. However, before
arrival of the shipment, importer can submit Health Certificate to local authority (http://www.cucthuy.gov.vn)
or initial preparation. Upon actual arrival, physical inspection and examination will be done by Department of
Animal Health. Upon actual result of examination, import permit is granted or rejected