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Import duties for rubber grip of golf clubs

Question: We are going to import rubber grip for golf clubs and would like to have your advice on the H.S and duties by Vietnam customs

- Based on the Circular 14/2015/TT-BTC issued on 30 January 2015 guiding the classification, analysis for classification; analysis for quality
inspection and food safety inspection of exports and imports 

- Based on HS Nomenclature 2007 Edition by World Customs Organization

- Based on import-export tariff issued by the Circular 182/2015/2015/TT-BTC by Ministry of  Finance which come into effect from 0/01/2016
regulating on Chapter 95 – Sport accessories

Rubber grip for golf clubs can be classified by the following HS code:
·  40169919 if made of vulcanized rubber import duties is 5%
·  40170090 if made of hard rubber import duties is 10%