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We are going to export live orchid from Thailand to Vietnam, we would like to know about the import compliance, regulation
as well as duties and H.S code. Do we need to certify that our orchid is not in the restricted and endangered CITES list ?


1/ Import regulation:
Orchid is not in the restricted list of the Circular No. 04/2013/TT-BNNPTNT (dated 05Sept 2013) by Ministry of Agriculture
and Rural Development then it’s not prohibited to be imported into Vietnam
However, import of orchid is subject to plant quarantine. Before arrivial of the shipment, importer should apply for import permit
and upon arrival the orchid is inspected by Plant protection Department

2/ Duties & VAT
2.1/ Import duties
The orchid can be classified by the group 06.02: other live plant (including their roots) cutting and slips, mushroom spawn
Orchid from Thailand is under preferential tariff (0%) of ATIGA agreement within ASEAN countries. However, to get preferential tariff, 
valid C/O from D issued by competent authority of exporting country is required

2.2/ VAT:
Importers do not have to pay VAT upon clearance but domestic consumption is subject to 5% of VAT