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GOH is the abbreviation for “garment-on-hanger”

•     Purpose: to safely transport valuable garment. By hanging, rather than packed in cartons, garment is delivered
at the destination without unpacking, washing, and ironing. Installation and dismantling of hanging equipment are
easy and economical

•     General types:

+ Bars system

+ Strings system

+ Straps system


•     With this setting, garments are hung directly on bars. The most common configuration is two tiers of bars
(we can set up to four tiers for GOH bar containers). The Bar System requires strong steel frame to support
multiple levels of bars. Clothes hung on the bar is better spaced and safe for fragile items such as
suits and dresses

•     One container with two tiers generally has 22 bars (20’) and 44 bars (40’). Assuming a space of 5cm,
this container would carry around 1,000-2,000 pieces of valuable garments


•     This type of GOH configuration uses strings attached to steel beams at the top of the container.
Strings are durable and inexpensive. Clothes is hung on knots tied on the strings

•     One 20’ standard GOH container has 11 beams with 15 strings per beam. With 15 knots per string,
and 5 items hung on each knot, a typical 20’ container can accommodate thousands of individual garment
(depend on weight and size of the garment)


•     Like the string system, straps are attached to hanger beams. But, instead of knots, garments are
hung on sewn partitions. Straps are lighter and stronger than strings but more expensive. As the straps
are less elastic, they are a better choice for heavy clothes, preventing them from dropping down during
long transportation

•     Similar to the string system, a typical 20’ GOH container with straps can hang up to thousands
of pieces (depending on size and weight of the clothes)


•     Bar GOH standard system:

20’ standard container: 11 bars per tier

40’ standard container: 22 bars per tier

40’ high cube: 22 bars per tier

45’ high cube: 25 bars per tier

•     String & Strap GOH standard system:

20’ standard container: 11 beams and 165 strings or straps

40’ standard container: 22 beams and 330 strings or straps

40’ high cube: 22 beams and 330 strings or straps

45’ high cube: 25 beams and 375 strings or straps

•     Silica Gel (Anti-moisture agent) is used to protect the garment against harmful moisture
(04 kgs for 20’ container and 08 kgs for 40’ container)


•     Buyer consolidation

•     P.O control & classification

•     Hanging garment by airfreight