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DO NOT forget "Japan 24 hours Advance Filing Rules" for cargo to Japan

Japan 24 hours Advance Filing Rules apply to all containerized cargo to be discharged or transshipped at a Japanese port.


(1) Name, Address (including street, city, state/province, postal code), Telephone Number, Country Code of Shipper, Consignee, Notify party

(2) Six digit of HS Code (the representative HS code of representative goods if B/L contains several kinds of goods and HS code more than one)

(3) IMDG & UN Code (the representative IMDG & UN Code if B/L contains several kind of DG) (4) Marks and Numbers (only allow 140 bytes)

(5) Concrete and detailed information on description of goods (only allow 350 bytes). Vague description of goods is not allowed

(6) Estimated Date and Time of Departure (from port of loading)

(7) Distinguishing the presence or absence of information about House Bill of Lading (need to report whether House B/L is issued or not)

(8) Distinguishing the presence or absence of information about relaxed application to the deadline for filing

(9) Carrier Code of WHL is "22AA" which NVOCC needs to file it and it is different from SCAC “WHLC”)


(1) Only accept amendment before actual time of vessel departure (ATD) submitted by carrier, except for receiving
DNL (Do Not Load) / DNU (Do Not Unload)/HLD (Hold) Advance Notice from Japan Customs)

(2) These elements are not allowed to change as below:

● Carrier Code

● Vessel Code

● Voyage Number

● Port of Loading

● Bill of Loading Number

(3) File a new Advanced Cargo Information Registration (AMR) if the carrier would like to change the above elements


Prohibit Characters will cause error, please avoid to using as below:

1) Backslash) ''

2) Grave accent '`'

3) Left square bracket and Right square bracket '[' and ']'

4) Chinese character

Please visit the following websites for more information.

Japan Customs: http://www.customs.go.jp/english/summary/advance/index.htm


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